About Sports and Action Photography

Carl Filleman courtesy of Crystal Madden
I have been shooting High School Sports in the Sierra Vista, Az area for almost 10 years now. I enjoy shooting sports at this level because once the officials see that you are aware of what is happening on the court or on the field, you can position yourself just about anywhere you want as long as you aren't a hazard or a distraction to the players. I am always trying to find that one spot or angle that will give me a very unique and distinctive shot that sets my work apart from everyone else's.
My immediate goal is to acquire a drone and become proficient with it for the purpose of getting unique footage and shots that would be almost impossible with any other platform. I realize that their are numerous liability issues with this platform but I also see the potential for creativity and being able to offer a product that very few others are currently offering. (Above photo courtesy of Crystal Madden).

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