Editing and Custom Packages

One of the biggest factors in the cost of any of my shoots would have to be the cost related to the time spent on editing or image processing. When I edit I normally have a work flow that involves adjusting the exposure, contrast, sharpening then choosing the best white balance setting, and then using the light equalizer settings to bring out details.  The last process I do is to crop the image in some way to try and add more emphasis to the key elements in the image.  For Sports and Action Images this usually means that I crop very tightly, possibly cropping out something in an image that a customer would like to see remain in the image.  With that in mind I can provide an uncropped image for comparision to the cropped image, so that the customer can suggest a different cropping if desired.
As most of my work involves a large number of images of a particular athlete, I do provide the option of purchasing a CD/DVD of images rather than purchasing single images as prints through a printing service. The price of these products would be based on the total # of images selected and the time needed to edit said images. This would be done on an individual basis as each of these types of shoots would have different variables.